Nuts for Nuts

Nuts for Nuts
Nuts for Nuts

Here at FRESH, we’ve been feeling a little nutty lately! The recently-released 2015 Dietary Guidelines recommend that Americans increase intake of plant-based protein and include plenty of healthy fats. Nuts are loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and are a good source of protein. Considering nuts and nut butters are all the rage in the food industry, it’s a good time to be a nut!

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What makes nuts such a superstar in the food & nutrition world? Nuts are…


Whether you like a good old-fashioned PB & J, sprinkle slivered almonds on your salad or use nut butters to make a delicious Asian noodle dish (here’s a fav recipe-YUM!), there’s no denying that nuts are incredibly versatile.

Foodie-trend friendly.

A stroll down your local grocery aisle will tell you that there are major innovations happening in the nut and nut butter world! Today, you see fun flavors, single-serve packaging, and specialty and small-batch nut butters along with traditional favorites. The possibilities are endless. The opportunity is ripe for reinventing and reshaping how consumers view and use nuts.


In addition to a stellar nutrient profile, nuts can meet many the many other needs of today’s buyers. Consumers want simple, healthy foods with clean ingredient labels. Nuts fit the bill. And, with many new, small nut butter companies some products can even tout a local angle- like our local PB producer, Teddie!

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