Why Your Brand Needs a Good Story

Why Your Brand Needs a Good Story
Why Your Brand Needs a Good Story

Liz Gingold is a nutritionist, marketing background, savvyThis post was written by Liz Gingold, a Boston-based Dietetic Intern with a background in advertising.  She is a lover of all things food and fitness and a firm believer in a balanced lifestyle where all food fits.


The ancient tradition of story-telling is making a big comeback in the food world. With a new generation of Millennials (loosely defined as those born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s) flooding the grocery stores, established food brands are challenged to reinvent themselves while new food companies struggle to stand out on already crowded shelves.

According to MillennialMarketing.com, this fresh generation of consumers is “especially interested in the story behind their food and looking to learn more about what’s in it and how it’s made.” Storytelling is the foundation of brand-building and connecting with Millennials who represent 100% of future consumers. We’ve provided some quick tips to help our clients and friends become masters of storytelling.

What makes a good story?

Keep it short and clear: When it comes to marketing, short stories are in, novels are not! Keep your story to a few short paragraphs. State exactly what you do and skip the flowery language. The easier it is to understand what you offer, the more customers you will attract.

Bring it full circle: Include a brief beginning, middle, and end. Discuss how you got started and bridge to how you transformed yourself from your humble beginnings to where you are now. How has your journey contributed to the uniqueness of your business? What happened in your life that led to the decisions that got you to your current place?

Personalize it: Personal details help you relate to your consumers & make an emotional connection. Was this your great grandmother’s favorite recipe? Was your product or service part of a favorite summertime tradition? Did everything start in your home kitchen? Were friends and neighbors your first loyal brand fans? Don’t be afraid to share these personal details if they are relevant.

Be consistent: Make sure your brand’s story aligns with the company’s current mission & product offerings.  If high-quality homemade ingredients are your differentiating factors, your brand narrative should mirror this.



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