Interview with a Millennial: Amanda Buckley

Interview with a Millennial: Amanda Buckley
Interview with a Millennial: Amanda Buckley

In our last “Interview with a Millennial”, we wrote about Natalie, a twenty-something, health-conscious MBA student. Now, we’ll learn from a millennial who is on her way to becoming a registered dietitian. Amanda Buckley is currently a dietetic intern at Massachusetts General Hospital. After securing an undergraduate degree in nutrition, she worked as a public health nutritionist while earning a Master of Science in Nutrition and becoming a certified lactation consultant. Here’s a peek at this RD-to-be’s diet and nutrition priorities!

Name three items on your grocery list right now.

Eggs, Granola, Yogurt

Rank the following food descriptions in order of importance to you. One is the most important and six is the least important: Freshness, Taste, Locally-produced, Convenience, Organic, Price.

1: Taste – Food has gotta taste good!

2: Freshness – This might be a tie for #1 with taste…fresh food tastes better!

3: Price – I love a good deal, but I don’t mind spending an extra dollar or two for better quality foods

4: Organic – I don’t exclusively buy organic- organic does not necessarily mean a product is nutritionally superior. I like to follow the EWG’s “Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen” guidelines for produce. 

5: Local – Gotta love those farmer’s market deals.

6: Convenience – Always a plus, but I enjoy my meal prep time, and cooking at home.

Name your top three favorite brands and give me one reason why you love them.

Triscuits – great source of whole grains and they come in so many flavorful options! I sometimes even bread chicken with them.

Chobani – always love a good yogurt for a midday snack

Teddie Peanut Butter – THE best peanut butter and it’s locally made in Everett, MA. Only 2 ingredients, peanuts and salt.

Give me three words to describe America’s food industry.

Sugar, unsustainable, processed

How did you get your last recipe?

My mom! It’s her homemade chicken soup recipe. I made it using a leftover rotisserie chicken and veggies I already had on hand. Lasts me all week for work lunches!

What’s the last thing you ate?

A Strawberry Popsicle! One of my favorite treats.

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