Organic Farm Fresh Eggs at The Country Hen

Organic Farm Fresh Eggs at The Country Hen
Organic Farm Fresh Eggs at The Country Hen

We had the opportunity to tour our client’s farm, The Country Hen, in Hubbardson, MA a few weeks ago. What a farm! They are doing it right in every way – from animal welfare to caring for the land and even their record keeping – the farm is pristine from every angle.

We learned so much, but possibly my favorite part of the tour was learning about the feed that they give their chickens. The “secret formula” is just that – SECRET! But we learned a few fast facts that – if you’re a food geek like us – you’ll appreciate:

  • Chickens need calcium to make a nice protective eggshell, so calcium carbonate is added to the feed.
  • TCH feed is organic and contains the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates and omega-3s. 
  • It took a dedicated owner, human and chicken nutritionists from around the world, and a lot of a hard work to come up with this feed formula.

It’s this organic feed that makes The Country Hen eggs so high in quality. It gives them their bright, beautiful yellow yolks plus a nutrition profile to brag about with Omega 3’s, Vitamin D, Lutein + Zea, Choline and more. 

The chickens on the farm have access to screened in porches which is what gives the eggs a healthy dose of Vitamin D. While we were on the farm tour, we learned that chickens are actually territorial creatures. They have their favorite corner, and if you took them out of it and put them in another spot within the barn, they would end up back in their favorite spot in less than 10 minutes. So interesting!

Check out our segment on Boston 25 News about The Country Hen eggs!

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