A Lovely Lunch with Dr. Oz

A Lovely Lunch with Dr. Oz
A Lovely Lunch with Dr. Oz

FRESH Communications is proud to partner with local media outlets to increase visibility, brand awareness and reach for our clients. Thanks to a great relationship with Boston’s FOX25, we were honored to be invited to lunch with the FOX25 team and Dr. Mehmet Oz. We had no idea that the luncheon would be so intimate. There were only 8 of us enjoying a delicious meal at Ming Tsai’s restaurant, Blue Ginger, in Wellesley, MA. While the food was incredible, one of the most memorable aspects of lunch was the warm, engaging and thought-provoking conversation that lasted over 2 hours. Here are 5 interesting things we learned about Dr. Oz! 

1.) He is a family man. 

Dr. Oz has been married for 31 years and clearly adores his wife, Lisa. In fact, during our lunch, he shared a quick story about how they met. They were actually set up by their fathers. Dr. Oz said that he fell for Lisa instantly but denied it for many months because he didn’t want to give his father the satisfaction of finding his future wife! The Oz’s have four children and 2 grandchildren. He spoke openly about his children and grandchildren and lovingly bragged about their accomplishments. Did you know that his daughter, Daphne, is a host on The Chew

2.) He is a born educator.

Dr. Oz was very interested in hearing our thoughts on a variety of nutrition topics. What struck us was his ability to turn every topic into a teachable moment. He has incredible charisma and a talent for sharing his knowledge in a simple, powerful and effective way. He is a skilled communicator and very bright man. It’s no surprise that he has been so successful in his role as “America’s Doctor.” 

3.) He is warm and approachable.

When meeting a celebrity, you never really know what to expect. Some are down-to-earth, kind people and some are not. Dr. Oz was authentic, friendly and genuinely interested in participating in meaningful conversation during lunch. And, you could tell that he was actively listening- his follow-up comments or questions were always insightful and often witty. 

4.) He is funny.

Dr. Oz clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously! At one point, he jumped on the phone with the brother-in-law of one of the lunch attendees and jokingly “recommended” wine to help recover from his recent cardiac surgery!  His sense of humor is fun, endearing and makes him a great lunch companion. We look forward to seeing how he interacts with the studio audience of his show! Our bet is that there is a lot of laughing and friendly banter! 

5.) He surrounds himself with good people.

Dr. Oz came to lunch with one of his marketing executives, Tina, who was a complete delight! She was interested in learning more about us, about FRESH Communications and hearing our ideas. And, she immediately invited us attend the show. If Tina is an indication of the people on Dr. Oz’s team, it is obvious that he surrounds himself with intelligent, kind and capable people who help strengthen his brand and appeal. You’re a wise man, Dr. Oz! 

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