Helping Everyone Dine Out!

Helping Everyone Dine Out!
Helping Everyone Dine Out!

Bostonians rejoice! August has arrived and with it comes the annual Dine Out Boston restaurant weeks. As self-proclaimed foodies, we can’t wait to dive into some delicious dishes; and, as registered dietitians, we recognize that eating out is not easy for everyone. When you’re required to follow a “special” diet for medical reasons- think gluten-free for celiac disease, low-fiber for IBS, or low-sodium for heart disease- eating out can be a challenge. And, it can feel isolating. That’s why we are so proud to work with with Foodicine Health. 

What’s FRESH at this year’s Dine Out Boston?

As a public benefit corporation, part of our mission is to support the work of non-profit organizations that are making a positive impact. Foodicine Health is one such organization. They are focused on educating the public about adhering to special diets for the treatment of chronic disease and food allergies; and, educating public establishments on the need to accommodate patrons following medically necessary diets.  

Foodicine Health is unique because they are the only non-profit in the United States that advocates for special meal programs in this manner. To a person without dietary restrictions, it can be difficult to understand the inconvenience and impact that special diets impose. A simple dinner out with friends can be challenging when you’re worried about getting sick or feeling judged.

To help, Foodicine is partnering with Dine Out Boston to encourage restaurants to include menu options that comply with special dietary needs, such as gluten-free, low-fiber, low-sugar or food-allergy friendly diets. The goal is to shed light on and address the challenges of following a special diet in public spaces- and make it easier for everyone to enjoy the great restaurant meals (and deals!) offered during the Dine Out Boston celebration. 

Who is on board?

Many of the city’s best restaurants have included special diet-friendly options during Dine Out weeks, August 5th-10th and 12th-17th. For example, restaurateurs, Ming Tsai and Jasper White, were both eager to jump on board this year. Tsai has committed to offering a low-sodium dish as part of Blue Dragon’s “Blackboard Specials” and White’s Summer Shack is featuring a heart-healthy “Be Good To Yourself” menu option and gluten-free choices during Dine Out Boston weeks. Visit Dine Out Boston to see menus at participating restaurants.

To learn more about Foodicine Health’s initiatives at and be sure to follow them on Facebook! 

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