A note from our founders:

After decades in marketing and nutrition communications, it became clear that we were amid a major shift. Consumers started demanding more of their food than just great taste. They started looking for nutritious, responsibly-produced foods they trust. Yet, with this shift, and with more health food products emerging every day, something was still missing. Very few communications agencies took health, as a marketing pillar, as seriously as their clients. And there were even fewer that had a credible health expert advising marketing and communications efforts.

As dietitians, we had a unique understanding of the food industry, health trends and of the science that guides nutrition recommendations.

We realized that the combination of communication, marketing and nutrition expertise would help like-minded companies stand out and succeed in an increasingly crowded space.

In 2016, FRESH Communications was born. Today, we are a powerhouse team connecting consumers with the best food and lifestyle brands. Brands we love, use and feel good about serving to our own families. Brands that innovate, challenge and change the way we eat and live.

We’re so glad you found us—now, let us help others find you.

In good health and great taste,


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