Important SEO Tips for Public Relations

Published by Samantha MacLeod, MS, RDN
February 2, 2023

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), stated very simply, is any method that helps increase website ranking in search engine results (1). So how does this relate to public relations? There are a few different ways, so let’s get into it!

E-A-T Algorithm and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) Sites

Google’s E-A-T algorithm stands for Expertise Authority Trust and refers to Google’s prioritization of pages based on their credibility, author, or website (2). YMYL stands for Your Money Your Life and refers to sites that could “significantly impact a readers’ health, financial stability, safety or well-being.” (2)

What do these have to do with PR? Given what we now know about the E-A-T algorithm, comments from and articles authored by credible individuals (such as registered dietitians) result in higher page quality and lead to greater ranking. This is especially important for outlets classified as YMYL. These sites and pages should greatly consider the E-A-T algorithm. If not, it could result in  potential misinformation and, in some cases, even harm. As PR experts it is important to keep all of this in mind when pitching both traditional and YMYL outlets, because editors will consider these factors when considering your pitch and expert sources.

Optimize Your Keywords for Ranking

Keywords are another important element of SEO for PR experts. Editors and journalists will be more interested in pitches, press releases, and messaging that match their own keyword strategies.  Therefore, when pitching the press, keep keywords in mind.

For example, if you are pitching an outlet that is up-and-coming as an informational/educational source on gut health, include keywords such as “gut bacteria,” “fermented foods,” and “prebiotics or probiotics” in your pitch!

Back Links for your Brands

One trick to boost rank is to ask journalists to include back links to client websites in their articles. This can be as simple as a final line in your pitch stating, “If you are able to include a link in your final piece please link to (insert link).”

This is important for the ranking of your brand/clients’ site because back links from credible, trusted outlets help increase rank in search engine results!

For questions or more information on SEO as it relates to public relations, please reach out to us at

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